In Defense of Javier Marías

Javier Marías, whose latest novel has been crowned as a masterpiece and whose name is perennially tossed around as a candidate for the Nobel, is not an author in desperate need of defending, not least by me.  But he’s one of my favorite authors, and thus I feel compelled to say a few words on [...] play olg slots online

Is Tom McCarthy’s C a Hoax?

I have come full circle on Tom McCarthy.  I read Remainder skeptically, expecting to hate it only to spend a weekend completely in its grip.  On the strength of this first impression, I had high hopes for his new novel, the cryptically titled C. Thus it is with a heavy heart that I must report: [...]

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Mill in Minnesota: Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom

The ruckus caused by the arrival of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom in the weeks before it even hit stores is already well documented.  There was the Great Future of Fiction debate, the Great Chauvinism debate, and the proclamations of uncompromised Greatness.  Part of me is already sick of hearing about it, but that hardly seems fair [...]

Gary Shteyngart Is Worried About the Future

I have a new review of Gary’s Shteyngart’s Super Sad True Love Story up at the Barnes & Noble Review.
Gary Shteyngart is worried about the future. He is worried about the failure of democracy, about the degradation of language, and about our increasing enslavement to technology. He is worried about money. He [...]

Tom McCarthy Saves the Novel, Maybe

When Tom McCarthy’s Remainder was first published in 2007, I remember giving a couple reviews a diligent skim and dismissing it as weird.  (Weird is not my thing.)  I’ve now since torn through it, and am surprised to find its weirdness almost entirely warranted by the breadth of McCarthy’s ambition. Contrary to my suspicions, it [...]

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Berlin Trilogy

I have an article this month in N1BR, n+1’s online book review supplement.  It’s on three novels set in Berlin, where I lived for most of last year.  It’s also a meditation on how I managed to spend so many months doing very very little.
The Berlin U-Bahn, like the New York subway, is a surprisingly [...] video poker casino games online

On Coetzee’s Summertime

I’ve been a long-time admirer of J.M. Coetzee, but I only recently got around to reading his latest novel, Summertime, because I had some catching up to do first. Summertime is the third in a trilogy of fictionalized memoirs tracing Coetzee’s evolution from angsty teenager to grasping writer. But the book belongs just as much [...] popular gambling games

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