Grand Booming Nonsense: Dostoevsky’s Demons

It is often said that one is either a Tolstoy person or a Dostoevsky person, in the same way that one is either a cat person or a dog person.  I used to want to be a Dostoevsky person, just as I wanted to be a dog person.  Tolstoy and cats seemed the blander psychological [...] reputable online casinos australia

Easy Romance

N+1 is previewing next week’s new issue of N1BR with my review of Gabriel Josipovici’s What Ever Happened to Modernism?
If novelist and critic Gabriel Josipovici has, for much of his career, written from the literary margin, it is because he has deliberately positioned himself as an anathema to the English establishment.  He has [...]

Criticism and the Anxiety of Authority

There are only so many reasons to be optimistic in American letters, but seeing the New York Times Book Review devote an issue—and a heady one at that—to the question of “Why Criticism Matters” is as heartening a start to the new year as I could hope for.  The mattering, or not mattering, of criticism [...]