Günter Grass and the Magical Metaphor

Posted on | December 4, 2010 | Comments Off real gambling systems

I have a shortish piece up over at the Barnes & Noble Review on Günter Grass’s newest book, The Box, a slippery mix of fiction and memoir.  I wasn’t especially taken with it, but the assignment did have the fortunate side effect of getting me to finally read The Tin Drum, which I heartily recommend.

There’s a famous, and famously long, word in German for “coming to terms with the past.” Vergangenheitsbewältigung has long been associated, at least where literature is concerned, with authors like Heinrich Böll and Günter Grass, and the latter’s newest book is no exception. But the past that Grass seeks to work through in The Box: Tales from the Darkroom is less Germany’s than that of his own family, or at least a fictional facsimile thereof. Told largely through the voices of his eight children as they recall their lives at the margins of their father’s creativity, The Box picks up where Grass’s memoir Peeling the Onion abruptly left off—with his life as a writer and a father. [More here.]


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