Selected Book Reviews

Farther Away :: review of Jonathan Franzen’s essays in the Barnes & Noble Review and Salon

Ethnographers of the Everyday :: review of Stephen Schryer’s Fantasies of the New Class in n+1’s N1BR

The Novels of Heinrich Böll :: review essay in the Barnes & Noble Review and Salon

Easy Romance :: review of Gabriel Josipovici’s What Ever Happened to Modernism? in n+1’s N1BR

The Princess, the King, and the Anarchist :: review of Robert Pagani in the Wall Street Journal real gambling systems

Super Sad True Love Story :: review of Gary Shteyngart in the Barnes & Noble Review

Your Face Tomorrow, Vol. 3: Poison, Shadow and Farewell :: review of Javier Marias in the Barnes & Noble Review

Pinup Girls :: review of Steve Amick’s Nothing But a Smile, in the New York Times Sunday Book Review

Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice :: review of Janet Malcolm in the Barnes & Noble Review

Stranger Than Routine Adoption :: review of A.M. Homes’s The Mistress’s Daughter in the New York Sun

Playing William Blake :: review of Tracy Chevalier’s Burning Bright in the New York Sun

Selected Essays & Journalism

This Is the Way a World Ends :: essay on Joseph Roth’s letters for the New York Times Book Review

Fakery and Shakespeare :: profile of Arthur Phillips for Harvard Magazine popular gambling games

The Pride of the Indian College :: profile of Geraldine Brooks for Harvard Magazine play roullette

The Q&A: Dayna Tortorici, Urban Anthropologist :: interview for More Intelligent Life

Berlin Trilogy :: essay in N1BR, n+1’s online book review supplement

Words vs. Grammar: What Makes English English? :: essay in the Barnes & Noble Review

Word Upon Word: Reading in a Foreign Language :: essay in the  Barnes & Noble Review

Frankfurt Dispatch: Will Books Be Immune to Global Recession? :: reportage in The New York Observer

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