Reading in Tongues: Peter Stamm’s Seven Years

Note: “Reading in Tongues” is a very occasional feature on the experience of reading in a foreign language.
The longlist for the Best Translated Book Award was announced today, and I was pleased to see Seven Years by Peter Stamm—which I’d just read at a sloth-like crawl in the German—among the contenders.  I’d been curious about [...] reputable online casinos australia

Of Mad Men and Melodrama

By now, Daniel Mendelsohn’s takedown of Mad Men in the New York Review of Books has become a regular internet scandale. The show had it coming—if only because the critical consensus has been too monolithic for such an attack not to feel overdue.  It’s fun, I suspect, to be the bubble-burster; and while Mendelsohn’s criticisms [...]

Tom McCarthy Saves the Novel, Maybe

When Tom McCarthy’s Remainder was first published in 2007, I remember giving a couple reviews a diligent skim and dismissing it as weird.  (Weird is not my thing.)  I’ve now since torn through it, and am surprised to find its weirdness almost entirely warranted by the breadth of McCarthy’s ambition. Contrary to my suspicions, it [...]