The [Insert Superlative Here] Books of 2011: My Year in Reading

I recently, and much belatedly, got around to reading Northrop Frye’s Anatomy of Criticism. It’s brilliant—not a word I use easily—and really deserves its own post, but there is a point on which Frye and I disagree, in practice if not in theory.  “The demonstrable value-judgement,” he claims in his introduction, “is the donkey’s carrot [...] reputable online casinos australia

Is Tom McCarthy’s C a Hoax?

I have come full circle on Tom McCarthy.  I read Remainder skeptically, expecting to hate it only to spend a weekend completely in its grip.  On the strength of this first impression, I had high hopes for his new novel, the cryptically titled C. Thus it is with a heavy heart that I must report: [...]

Tom McCarthy Saves the Novel, Maybe

When Tom McCarthy’s Remainder was first published in 2007, I remember giving a couple reviews a diligent skim and dismissing it as weird.  (Weird is not my thing.)  I’ve now since torn through it, and am surprised to find its weirdness almost entirely warranted by the breadth of McCarthy’s ambition. Contrary to my suspicions, it [...]